You have questions and we have answers.

Is it really THE EXACT pedalboard shown in the product page?
- Yep. It is fully and truly WYSIWYG*. If you like the figuring, don't miss out on your chance. There will never be another board quite like it.
*What does WYSIWYG mean?
- What you see is what you get. 
Who makes your pedalboards? Where are they made?
- Steve makes them. He's a master carpenter, as was his father. They're individually hand crafted in Lynnwood, WA. It's a little north of Seattle.
Will you ever do the same top/sides combination again?
- No guarantees. Our pedalboards are entirely limited to the wood types on hand. There's no way to be sure that a certain type or combination will be repeated. 
Can a pedalboard be customized or modified?
- Sure, but you'll have to do it. All of our boards ship as they are.
Do your boards come with any hardware?
- They do not. Soon we'll have plenty of hardware for sale on the site. You'll have to put it on yourself though.
What's the shipping lead time for your gear?
- Most items should ship same business day, which is the great thing about WYSIWYG. We only sell what's on hand.
How long will it take for a board to reach me?
- Not very long generally. We ship through USPS and FedEx.
What's the warranty like for Squatch gear?
- If you have a serious problem under normal use with your pedalboard, we'll take care of it. If you saw it in half and use the bits as wheel chocks, we won't.
Can I return my pedalboard?
- Within 30 days, no problem. Just email us, and we'll give you instructions to ship it back.
What adhesives should I use to mount pedals?
- Most hook and loop and standard adhesive options should be safe. We'll have a few mounting options available very soon.
How can I care for my pedalboard?
- We recommend using Pledge or a nice hardwood wax.
What cases can I use?
There are plenty of cases that will fit our boards. We found a few made by brands we like. Go check them out here.